What is Express Scripts Price AssureSM?

With the help of Express Scripts, we’ve launched a new program to make sure our commercial members find the lowest available price when shopping and paying for prescriptions.

Using a “lesser of” pricing method, the program is offered through Express Scripts' partnership with GoodRx® and unlocks potential savings on the member's generic medications when prescriptions are filled at an in-network pharmacy. This pricing is done behind the scenes for the member, so there’s no need to sign-up or opt-in to the program.

How does it work?

  • Members fill their prescription at any in-network retail pharmacy (excluding mail order and specialty pharmacies).
  • The claim automatically adjudicates in the pharmacies' system and finds the lowest available price for the drug when compared to Average Manufacturer Price (AMP), Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) and Usual & Customary (U&C).
  • The member pays the lowest available price every time, even if it's less than their standard copay. 

What are the benefits of using Express Scripts Price AssureSM?

Price Assure is a helpful addition to your patients’ pharmacy benefits and ensures that what they spend on prescriptions will be tracked against their deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. They no longer need to shop around for the lowest price and they can check their costs ahead of time using the Cost Estimator

Encourage your Priority Health patients to use their pharmacy benefit without needing any discount programs or coupons. With Price Assure, they’ll receive the lowest price available right at the pharmacy.