COBRA, the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Administration Act (COBRA) of 1985, allows you to keep your group health coverage when you lose your job, work fewer hours, transition between jobs, and in other situations.

Under COBRA you receive the same health plan benefits you received from your employer, but you will have to pay more of the premium than you did when you were employed. Typically, you'll work with your employer and a benefits administrator to receive COBRA insurance.

Need to enroll in COBRA?

  • Contact your employer to apply for COBRA or get more information about it.
  • Your employer may work with Infinisource for COBRA coverage. If so, go to the Infinisource website for more information about your COBRA health plan costs and coverage.

Who qualifies for COBRA?

COBRA is available to:

  • You (the employee)
  • Your spouse
  • Your dependent child(ren) covered under the plan on the day before the day you lose your health plan benefits
  • A newborn child or an adopted child who arrives while you are covered by COBRA

How do you qualify for COBRA?

You and/or your dependents qualify for COBRA coverage if you experience one of these events:

  • Losing your job (voluntary or involuntary - except if you are terminated for gross misconduct)
  • Disability
  • Death of an employee (dependents are the only ones who qualify for coverage)
  • Divorce or legal separation (dependents are the only ones who qualify for coverage)
  • A dependent child ceases to be a dependent (the dependent is the only one who qualifies for coverage)
  • Medicare entitlement (dependents are the only ones who qualify for coverage)

COBRA plans are offered by Priority Health or by Priority Health Insurance Company, depending on the employer.