A healthy body starts with a clean mouth

And if your employees have healthy bodies, that means they'll visit the doctor less and be more productive. So add PriorityDental to your Priority Health medical plan.


  • Is available to groups with two or more eligible employees
  • Has an open network, so members can visit any dentist, anywhere
  • Offers optional orthodontic coverage
  • Keeps endodontic (think root canal) and periodontal (think gum disease) benefits in class II
  • Offers easy administration - online enrollment, one billing statement, no claim forms
  • Offers split enrollment - your employees can choose PriorityDental without enrolling in a Priority Health medical plan
  • Lets you decide how to fund it:
    • We offer contributory plans that allow you and your employees to share the cost of dental coverage.
    • Our voluntary plans are ideal for when you want your employees to pay 100% of their dental benefits.

NOTE: This plan is not a qualified health plan, as defined by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). It is not intended to meet the minimum standards for essential health benefits for pediatric dental coverage. This plan does not cover pediatric dental benefits for individuals required to obtain that essential health benefit under the PPACA or in order to be eligible for enrollment in another health plan. You should not attest that you have obtained essential health benefits for pediatric dental coverage based only on your enrollment in this plan.