HealthbyChoice plans

HealthbyChoice® plans build wellness right into your health plan: You'll pay less - or earn rewards - by being healthy or adopting a healthy lifestyle. Our plans are simple to use and easy to understand.

We offer three HealthbyChoice plans. Learn more about the plan your employer is offering you:

HealthbyChoice Incentives

HealthbyChoice Incentives is a health plan that rewards you for being, getting and staying healthy. You can make healthier lifestyle choices to qualify for lower costs.

  • New members start at the Choice level, which offers lower copayments and deductibles.
  • To keep Choice level, you and your spouse, if covered by your plan, must meet the requirements within 90 days of your plan's start date ("effective date").
  • If you miss the deadline, everyone on your plan will move to Standard level on day 91.
  • If you meet the requirements, you'll stay at Choice level.
  • Your medical benefits don't change. The same medical services will be covered no matter whether you're on the Choice or Standard level. You'll just pay a higher copayment for them.

HealthbyChoice Progressions

HealthbyChoice Progressions gives you the opportunity to pay less when you stay healthy or when you make measurable improvements to your health.

  • Two cost levels: Standard and Choice.
  • Everyone starts at the Standard level.
  • The same medical services are covered no matter which cost level you have.
  • Qualify for Choice level to pay a lower deductible, lower copays and lower coinsurance.
  • You have 90 days from the plan effective date to qualify for the Choice level.
  • If your spouse or domestic partner is covered by your plan, you both must meet the requirements for your family to qualify for Choice level.
  • If you and your covered spouse meet the program requirements, everyone on your plan will move to the money-saving Choice level on day 91.
  • If you don't meet the health criteria, everyone on your plan will remain at the Standard level. But you may still qualify by making measurable health improvements or reaching a target set by your doctor.

HealthbyChoice Motivations

HealthbyChoice Motivations gives you an opportunity to earn rewards by taking specific actions to improve your health. Your employer chose this plan to encourage you to stay healthy or make improvements in your health.

You'll earn rewards when you participate in specific wellness activities and deadlines set by your employer to encourage you to live healthier.

This might include:

  • Complete an online health risk appraisal
  • Visit your doctor
  • Work with your doctor to manage a chronic health condition
  • Complete wellness activities

Contact Customer Service or your employer with questions about your HealthbyChoice plan.