PriorityEPO health insurance

PriorityEPOSM (exclusive provider organization) is a group health insurance plan that offers coverage very similar to our HMO. It combines great medical benefits with cost savings by ensuring that you get all the health care and medical services you need, but none that are unnecessary.

  • You get all your care from health care providers in your plan's network.
  • No need to get our approval to see a specialist in your plan's network.
  • EPO plans generally cover the same services as our HMO plan, but your employer may add or delete benefits, too.

Common EPO plan features

Choose a "PCP". You choose a primary care doctor or other primary health care provider to be your "PCP." Your PCP coordinates all your health care.

You don't need a referral from your PCP to see a specialist, unless the specialist requires one.

No claim forms to file. We take care of the paperwork. You won't have to pay doctor bills up front and then wait for reimbursement.

Most plans have a deductible, which works just like a car insurance deductible. It's the part you have to pay for health care services covered by your plan before the plan starts to pay for your care.

The plan pays for routine preventive care before you meet your deductible (physicals, immunizations, prenatal care, mammograms, etc.). To see what's included in preventive care, check the Preventive Health Care Guidelines (848KB PDF).

You're covered when you travel for medical emergencies around the world. Just go to an ER or urgent care center.

You'll need to get approval up front before you get some services, such as surgeries.