Your plan includes preventive care at no extra cost to you.

Preventive care—yearly doctor visits, flu shots and some lab tests—helps you stay healthy. It can help you avoid potential health problems or find them early when they're most treatable, before you feel sick or have symptoms.

No-cost preventive care includes:

  • syringe in green circle icon


  • stethoscope in green circle

    Yearly physical exams

  • pill bottle in green circle icon

    Some prescriptions

  • beakers in green circle icon

    Lab tests and more

Review the Preventive Health Care Guidelines for a full list of services included in your plan and learn when a preventive care visit is outside of the guidelines.

Priority Health pays 100 percent of the cost of services listed in the Preventive Health Care Guidelines when:

  • The service is completed by an in-network doctor
  • It's done for preventive purposes 


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