It’s important to stay in network when seeking care in order to keep your costs down. That’s why we offer several tools that help you find providers and services within our large network of health systems.

The type of in-network care available to you depends on your health plan. On your member ID card, find your plan type and select the tile below to learn more about in-network care as it applies to your specific plan.

Priority Health generic member ID card

Choose the tile that matches the plan type on your Priority Health member ID card.

doctor and nurse viewing chart

In network versus out of network

Learn what counts as in network versus out of network and how staying in network saves you money.

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smiling man wearing lab coat

Finding in-network care

You can use the Find a Doctor tool anytime to find in-network doctors and specialists.

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Getting care before you’re sick

Staying in network saves you money—as does taking advantage of your plan's no-cost preventive care.

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Shopping for care

Use our Cost Estimator tool to search for in-network providers and procedures to find the best price for your budget.

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Knowing the terms

Understanding your health plan is difficult if you don’t know insurance jargon. Use our glossary to help you navigate these tricky terms.

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Send us a message in your member account or call the Customer Service contact number on the back of your member ID card.