Stay healthy. Schedule your annual doctor visits.

Annual doctor visits keep you and your family healthy

You can receive annual visits with your doctor each year to stay healthy. They're included in your plan and part of the care you receive just for being a Priority Health member. Make sure to schedule these visits with your doctor so you can stay healthy

Annual checkups for adults

Call your doctor and schedule your annual checkup. Your checkup is a good time to discuss any health problems or concerns so you can stay up to date on the care you need to be healthy. When you see your doctor, be sure to discuss all health conditions. Even if you’ve had a condition for years, it’s important to talk to your doctor about any new concerns you have or medicines and tests you may need.

And, if you’re a Healthy Michigan Plan member, filling out a Health Risk Assessment form during your annual checkup will help you meet your healthy behavior requirement and keep your coverage — as well as earn an incentive.

Well-child visits for children

Children, from birth through age 18, should have regular visits with their doctor when they are well. These well child visits are included in your plan to help prevent and address any health issues. It is recommended that children have six doctor visits within the first 15 months of life. Kids also need a checkup once a year from ages 3-6, at least once every two years from ages 7-10 and one visit each year from ages 11-18.

At well-child visits, your doctor can:

  • Give a lead poisoning test and vaccines
  • Measure your child’s height, weight and body mass index (BMI)
  • Find health and learning problems early