Keep your child healthy with well-child visits

As a Priority Health member, you can get great care for your child from birth through young adulthood with free well-child visits. It is recommended that children have six well-child visits within the first 15 months of life. Kids also need a checkup once a year from ages 3 - 6, at least every two years ages 7 - 10 and one visit each year at ages 11 - 18.

At well-child checkups, your doctor can:

  • Give a lead poisoning test and vaccines
  • Measure your child's height, weight and body mass index (BMI)
  • Find health and learning problems early

At the 9-, 18- and 30-month checkups, your doctor will see if your child is developing normally by checking how your child speaks, plays and acts. This will tell your doctor if your child is learning age-related skills or if there may be a problem.