Your medication review with your pharmacist could help you relieve symptoms and save money.

As a Priority Health member, you have access to our Medication Therapy Management program, or MTM for short, at no additional cost to you. This program connects you with a certified pharmacist for a yearly comprehensive medication review that can help reduce your costs and improve your health.

How does MTM work?

Having a medication review once a year is just as important as having a yearly physical exam. As your medical condition can change every year, so can your medication needs. In a typical 30- to 60-minute visit, you and the pharmacist will discuss your current medications and make any necessary adjustments.

MTM’s free services include:

  • Review of medications and recommendation of lower cost alternatives (if available)
  • Advice to help relieve side effects, including alternative drug options (if available)
  • A comprehensive list of your medications to share with your primary care doctor

It’s easy to get started

Nearly all pharmacies in our network participate, including most national and regional chain pharmacies.

Call your pharmacy to ask if they offer comprehensive medication reviews. If so, they'll be happy to schedule a face-to-face appointment for you.

If your pharmacy doesn't participate: