It's spring break - your coverage is already packed

As a Priority Health member, you have peace of mind should you need medical assistance during your travels, when you're more than 100 miles from home. You and your dependents have 24/7 travel assistance services provided by our partner, Assist America® – the nation's largest provider of global emergency medical services.

If someone gets sick or injured, or has a medical emergency while traveling, Assist America helps you get the best possible care in the shortest time possible. A single phone call to 800.872.1414 gives you access to its vast network of resources for any medical travel emergency. And there's no cost to you or your family for these services.

Medical services provided by Assist America include:

  • Referrals to nearby care providers
  • Prompt medical care when you need it
  • Immediate access to fully qualified hospitals
  • Expert monitoring of your treatment for as long as you need it

Non-medical services provided by Assist America include:

  • Pre-trip information (Visa requirement, immunization regulations and more)
  • Return of lost luggage and assistance with replacement of travel documents
  • Retrieval of vehicles or other valuable property left stranded by your medical situation

Download the free app

Prepare for your next trip and download the free Assist America mobile app available on your devices today to receive immediate access to information and services if you need them. Visit to learn more.

If you and your loved ones are among the more than 65 million Americans traveling for spring break this year, rest assured that you're insured. Bask in the sun, ski in the mountains or explore new places without worries.

Traveling for an extended period or have a college student going abroad? Consider Assist America expatriate coverage

For an additional administration fee of $80 per individual or $120 per family, Assist America members can get coverage for travel extending beyond 90 days through its Expatriate Coverage program. With this coverage, if you travel continuously or are in a new location for more than 90 days – like a semester abroad – that new location becomes your official place of residence. The 100-mile/90-day rule then applies to the new locale. Please keep in mind that you must purchase the Expatriate Coverage program before you leave home. To learn more or enroll, call 609.921.0868.