5 ways your plan can save you money

If you're a deal seeker, you likely clip coupons or scour the web to find the best deals for your purchases. Did you know you can do the same before visiting a doctor or receiving a health procedure? While there are no coupons for health care - there are five ways you can make sure you're getting the best value.

1. Receive the right care for your circumstances

Instead of running to the emergency room for cold or flu symptoms, call your primary care doctor to schedule a doctor's visit to avoid higher copays. Take advantage of virtual care from the comfort of your couch with a virtual visit through MedNowSM. A licensed physician will treat you when and where you need it. When you see your provider, make sure you ask questions about your diagnosis and potential care treatment. Ask your doctor if there are less expensive, yet effective treatment options. Log in to your MyHealth account to get started with MedNow.

Priority Health covers all virtual visits, not just our preferred partner, MedNow.

2. Know the cost before the care

Health insurance can be confusing. Even when you're "covered" for a test or procedure, you may still need to pay for part of it yourself. You can estimate in advance what you'll pay - giving you the option to pay less. You can save money by searching procedures performed at a lower-cost facility, without sacrificing the quality of your care.

Depending on your health plan, you may have access to the Cost Estimator tool* which gives you an estimate of how much you'll pay based on your plan, copays and deductible. Get started with Cost Estimator today by logging in to your MyHealth account and selecting Cost Estimator.

*Only applicable to Michigan residents.

3. Save on medication

Integrate your pharmacy and medical benefits - the bundling approach can give you major cost savings. Shop around for care, research your prescriptions and ensure they are covered by your prescription plan.

Tips to save on medication

  • Ask your doctor if you can use generic drugs instead of brand-name drugs. Or, next time you drop off a prescription, ask the pharmacist if a generic option is available.
  • If your prescription isn't available as a generic, try contacting the drug manufacturer to ask about rebates, coupons or other discounts.

If you take several medications

When you have multiple medications, it can get confusing and costly. Having a pharmacist review your prescriptions with you can be helpful. That's why Priority Health offers Medication Therapy Management (MTM) prescription reviews at no cost to members. 

Through the MTM program, pharmacists work with the members to identify any drug-related problems such as duplications, drug interactions, and under-and-over drug utilization. The pharmacist then works directly with your physician to resolve any issues found with medications and to identify any potential cost savings.

4. Use a health savings account to pay for health care costs tax free

A health savings account (HSA) can help you manage expenses and save money in the long run. Any money contributed to the account is tax-exempt, helping you save by paying for your health expenses pre-tax. They are also a great tool to help you budget appropriately for medical costs. Researching health care costs and being engaged with your care can help you get the best value.

To open an HSA, you must have a high deductible health plan.

5. Shop and save with Member Perks

Get benefits and discounts just for being a Priority Health member with Priority Health Member Perks, powered by the Benefit Mobile app. Visit the Member Perks page to learn how to download the app from the App Store or Google Play. With Member Perks, you can purchase digital gift cards from hundreds of your favorite retailers. The next time you buy something at Cabela's, Amazon or Target, you can earn cash back on the items you love or save toward your health care expenses.

Asking questions and communicating with your doctor allows you to avoid unnecessary medical care and cost. Never dismiss the advice of a doctor without fully understanding their reason for recommending a particular treatment. Similarly, never settle for a particular treatment if it doesn't feel right to you. Instead, work with your doctor and Priority Health to create a plan that benefits your specific need. There isn't a one-size-fits-all treatment for every condition, so knowing your care options can help you stay healthy while saving you money.