PriorityVoice: We want your feedback

PriorityVoice is an online insight community comprised of Priority Health members. Participants help us understand the customer experience by completing short online surveys a couple of times each month. The community was launched at the end of January.

Six months and nearly 800 active members later, PriorityVoice has proven to be an incredibly useful tool that shows members that Priority Health, as your health plan partner, is listening. Better yet, that we are taking action on the feedback provided.

Most recently, Priority Health had received some feedback regarding the design and layout of the current claim activity statement or explanation of benefits (EOB). We knew members were finding the claims form difficult to understand and wanted to see it condensed down to a single page to conserve paper. After hearing this, we shared an updated one-page version that includes plain language and less abbreviations with the PriorityVoice community for input. Over 60% found it easy to understand.

In the coming months, other various Priority Health member communication pieces will be tested using the PriorityVoice insight community. We invite you to share your thoughts and feedback on these upcoming topics:

  • Commonly used terms and health insurance terms
  • Cost Estimator tool
  • Understanding Preventive Health Care Guidelines
  • MyHealth online experience

Members of PriorityVoice play a pivotal role in helping us improve usability of key components of our health plans. We share results back with our community so you can see how your feedback directly impacts the customer experience.

Join the PriorityVoice community today by visiting to see how your input can influence your health insurance experience.