How Priority Health protects your privacy

Priority Health's website only collects the information that you voluntarily provide. Here are examples of how we use the information we collect.

  • We use information gathered by the secure online feedback form to respond to your questions or comments.
  • When you register your account on this website, we use your information to confirm that you are a Priority Health member, give you access to our online tools and email you information about health issues.
  • The WebMD® online personal health planner allows you to record, track and assess your personal health history and to access health information and news.
  • Our medical department may use the information you voluntarily provide through this website to help us determine if you have a health condition that Priority Health can help you manage.
  • For a complete description as to how the health information you provide to WebMD may be used and disclosed, see the WebMD® Notice of Privacy Practices. When you accept the terms of agreement for creating an online account, you also accept the terms of the WebMD® privacy policy and terms and conditions. Review the WebMD® privacy policy and WebMD® terms and conditions of use.

The Priority Health Notice of Privacy Practices section more fully describes how we protect your privacy. Go to the Priority Health Notice of Privacy Practices.

Confidentiality policies and procedures

Members of Priority Health plans and health care providers have the right to review Priority Health's confidentiality Policies and Procedures, which you can get by contacting Customer Service.

As a Priority Health plan member, you can ask Priority Health to release or discuss your own personal health information. In some instances, someone else can act as a member's personal representative. For example, a parent for a child, or a legal guardian for an incapacitated adult can receive health information on behalf of the member. If someone other than the member or the member's personal representative (for example, a member's spouse) asks Priority Health to release or discuss that member's personal health information, Priority Health will require the member to submit a HIPAA Authorization Form specifically granting that access.

Priority Health also has a Revocation of Authorization Form that a member can use to cancel (revoke) a HIPAA Authorization. A member can revoke a HIPAA Authorization at any time.

You can download and print a HIPAA Authorization Form or Revocation of Authorization Form in English or in Spanish on the HIPAA authorization page.