HIPAA authorizations: Who has access to your information?

When you want someone else to be able to see your health and health claims information, you need to agree to a HIPAA authorization that legally gives that person permission. This legal document is called a "HIPAA authorization."

When you want to stop giving the person permission to see your information, you can revoke the HIPAA authorization by signing a "HIPAA revocation" form.

What is "HIPAA"?

HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. It's a law that requires that health care providers and insurance companies have your authorization before sharing any of your personal health or claims information with anyone else or any other business.

Priority Health relies on two different types of HIPAA authorizations:

  • an online version in your MyHealth account
  • a printed version (PDF forms below)

See the text of the authorization

Online HIPAA authorization

Who you authorize

You can only give this total online access to other adults (18 and older) who are covered by your personal contract with the health plan. They're listed on your membership ID card.

What you authorize

The authorized person can see your health and account information online, and when they call Priority Health customer service, our representative can discuss your health and account information with them.

For how long

An online HIPAA authorization lasts for one year, then it is revoked automatically. You can revoke it earlier than that, at any time you choose.

How to revoke it

Visit your member account to share or revoke access. 

A printed HIPAA authorization = part OR total access

Using a paper HIPAA authorization will not give anyone direct access to your account information online.

Your paper HIPAA authorization(s) and revocation(s) are noted in our records so our customer service representatives know who they can discuss your health and claims information with over the phone.

Who you authorize

Anyone you choose, from family members and friends to attorneys and estate managers.

What you authorize

You decide. On the form, you can give other people access to:

  • All your health information, or only information on a procedure or condition you choose (for example, only information about your pregnancy and delivery, not about your diabetes)
  • Only financial information, not any health information

For how long

You can set up a HIPAA authorization for any time period you like, beginning on any date and ending on any date, or with no end date.

How to revoke it

You can take away, or "revoke", this access at any time by printing and completing a HIPAA revocation form, below, and sending it to us.