Medicare plan claim statements (explanations of benefits)

A "claim" is a bill that your doctor or other health care provider sends us.

You can see your claims anytime online

You can see all your claims for your care in your member account. Log in and click My plan and then See claims & download EOB.

We send you claim statements, not bills

Each time you get health care, we mail you a claim activity statement, also called an "explanation of benefits" (EOB). It's not a bill. Instead, it explains the claim(s) your doctor or health care provider sent us, and what we are paying.

You can choose paperless claim activity statements

"Go paperless" and get your activity statements for your claims (also referred to as Explanation of Benefits) electronically instead of through the mail. This includes activity statements for both your medical (Part C) and your prescription (Part D) claims. We'll email you whenever a new statement is available. Click the link in the email, log in to your account and view your statement.

You'll be able to:

  • See all your statements from the past 24 months
  • Download statements to your computer for your permanent records
  • Print your statements

How to switch from paper to electronic claim statements (and back)

Prescription claim activity statements (Part D):

Go to or call 800.758.4574 to learn more.

Medical claim activity statements (Part C):

  1. Log in to your member account
  2. Click My profile
  3. Click Message & notification settings
  4. Under Explanation of Benefits (EOB), click Yes to begin receiving EOBs electronically or click No to switch back.