Cost Estimator

Cost Estimator shows your health care costs in advance

Would you drive five extra minutes to save $2,000?

Prices can vary widely for the same health care service, depending on the hospital or surgery center you choose. You could save a lot by shopping a little. But how do you comparison-shop for X-rays, surgeries and lab tests?

Cost Estimator: Know your costs

The Cost Estimator tool lets you see your cost and what you'd pay out of your pocket for hundreds of health care procedures like X-rays, MRIs, lab tests and surgeries. Putting you in control of your health care costs so you can decide how they impact your bottom line.

It's easy.

  1. Open Cost Estimator
  2. Search for the procedure, like "knee arthroscopy."
  3. Choose a doctor and a facility - Cost Estimator shows you providers in your plan's network.
  4. See your cost based on your current deductible balance, your copays and your coinsurance.
  5. If the doctor or facility you choose is on the high end, Cost Estimator will suggest less expensive options for you.

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