The safety and quality of health care

Want to check to make sure you're getting safe, high-quality health care? Here are some tips to consider.

Your safety

When you're going to a doctor or hospital for treatment, make sure you understand:

  • What your diagnosis is
  • Why you need treatment at this time
  • What your treatment options are
  • Whether the treatment options are based on the latest scientific evidence
  • The benefits of each treatment
  • The cost of each treatment

Safety & quality resources

For a closer look at how to be a smarter health care shopper and consumer, you can:

Doctor quality

When choosing a doctor, check for doctors who:

  • Are rated to give quality care (Learn about Priority Health's "apple" ratings for primary care quality.)
  • Are rated highly by patients through HealthGrades® reviews
  • Have the training and background that meet your needs
  • Take steps to prevent illness - for example, talk to you about quitting smoking
  • Have privileges at the hospital of your choice
  • Are part of your health plan, unless you can afford to pay extra
  • Encourage you to ask questions
  • Listen to you
  • Treat you with respect

Hospital safety & quality

Before you go to a hospital, check to see that it's:

  • Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • Rated highly by consumer or other groups
  • Where your doctor has privileges, if that is important to you
  • In your health plan network
  • Has experience with your condition
  • Successful treating your condition

Learn more about hospital quality ratings.