Priority Health network standard chain pharmacies

No matter where you travel, you'll find a location of one of these chain pharmacies.

  • 90-day supply: Not all pharmacies can give you a 90-day supply. Check the Pharmacy Directory to find which ones are available in your area.
  • Vaccine network: To make sure your vaccinations are paid for by your Priority Health Medicare plan, be sure to go to a pharmacy in the Vaccine Network. Look for the V symbol in the printed directory, or call Customer Service
  • Electronic prescribing: Some pharmacies can accept prescriptions from your doctor electronically, so you don't need to bring them a paper prescription form. Look for this symbol e in the printed directory.
Pharmacy name Toll-free


90-day supply Vaccine network e-Prescribing
Costco Pharmacy 800.221.7262 711 Y v e
CVS Pharmacy 800.746.7287 711 Y v e
Family Fare Pharmacy 800.451.8500 711 Y v e
Glen's Pharmacy 800.451.8500 711 Y v e
Henry Ford Medical Center 800.436.7936 711 Y e
K-Mart Pharmacy 866.562.7848 711 Y v e
Kroger 866.221.4141 711 Y v e
Meijer Pharmacy 800.543.3704 711 Y v e
Rite Aid 800.748.3243 711 Y v e
Sam's Club Pharmacy 888.746.7726 711 Y e
Target 800.440.0680 711 Y v e
VG's Pharmacy 810.629.1383 711 Y v e
Walgreens 877.250.5823 877.924.7889 Y v e
Wal-Mart Pharmacy 800.925.6278 711 Y