Medicare Part D drug coverage

Original Medicare doesn't include prescription drug coverage. Neither do Medigap (Medicare Supplement insurance) plans. You have Medicare Part D prescription coverage if you are enrolled in:

  • A MAPD (Medicare Advantage + prescription drug) plan, or
  • A plan that only covers Medicare Part D

What Medicare Part D pays for

  • Prescription drugs that you get from a pharmacy, that you take on your own, that are on your plan's approved drug list (formulary) or are not on the formulary but for which an exception is granted.
  • Some vaccines other than the ones mentioned under Part B, above. When vaccines are covered by Part D, they are listed in your plan's approved drug list (formulary).
  • Some diabetes supplies: Part D covers insulin, syringes, needles, alcohol swabs and gauze.
  • Some self-administered drugs:  Part D usually covers self-administered drugs received in an outpatient setting.