Find a pharmacy

You have more than 67,000 pharmacies in your plan's network nationwide, so you'll have no trouble filling your prescriptions at home or on vacation!

To find pharmacies in your plan's network

Use our Find a Doctor online directory. You can search for pharmacies by name or by ZIP code, and you'll always have the most recent list of pharmacies.

These chains are in your network wherever you travel

Here's a list of just a few of the pharmacy chains that are in your plan's network. 

Pharmacy name Toll-free
Costco Pharmacy 800.221.7262 711
CVS Pharmacy 800.746.7287 711
Kmart Pharmacy 866.562.7848 711
Kroger 866.221.4141 711
Meijer Pharmacy 800.543.3704 711
Rite Aid 800.748.3243 711
Sam's Club Pharmacy 888.746.7726 711
Target 800.440.0680 711
Walgreens 877.250.5823 877.924.7889
Walmart Pharmacy 800.925.6278 711