Ordering 90-day quantities of your drugs

You'll need to either use a pharmacy on our Local 90 Rx list, or our mail service pharmacy. Of course, your doctor must write the prescription for that amount.

Go to a pharmacy, pay three copayments

You can get up to a 90-day supply of any covered medication from any retail pharmacy on our Local 90 day Rx pharmacy list. You will pay three copayments, but you'll save two trips to the pharmacy. Use our Find a Doctor directory to search for pharmacies near you. "90-day Rx" will appear after the pharmacy name and before the address.

Order online or by mail, pay less

You can save money when you fill a 90-day prescription for any drug covered by your plan using Express Scripts, our home delivery pharmacy. And shipping is free!

  • You will receive up to 90 days' worth of drugs at a time for less than three copayments. Most plans will charge two, Medicare plans charge 2.5, and some employer group plans may charge only one copayment when you use mail service. 
  • Refills: Express Scripts will include easy instructions for ordering refills by mail or online when you receive your order.

Learn more about using Express Scripts home delivery.