What's covered? Check your coverage documents

Your documents will tell you what medical services your plan covers, how to use your plan network, how to ask us to reconsider coverage decisions, and much more. Your ID card tells you the name of the plan you have.

Most coverage documents are in MyHealth. But documents for a few plans are located below. Choose your plan below to find your documents.

Employer group plans (fully funded)

Your documents are in MyHealth

Employer group plans (self-funded)

PriorityHMOSM certificate of coverage

PriorityEPOSM certificate of coverage

PriorityPOSSM  A certificate of coverage

PriorityPOS B policy

PriorityPPOSM policy

MyPriority 2018 plans

Your documents are in MyHealth

MyPriority pre-ACA plans (2013 and older)

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Medicare Advantage plans with drug coverage

PriorityMedicare KeySMevidence of coverage

PriorityMedicare IdealSM evidence of coverage

PriorityMedicare ValueSM evidence of coverage

PriorityMedicare MeritSM evidence of coverage

PriorityMedicareSM evidence of coverage

PriorityMedicare SelectSM evidence of coverage

Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap) plans

Medigap Plan A certificate

Medigap Plan C certificate

Medigap Plan D certificate

Medigap Plan F certificate

Medigap Plan G certificate

Medigap Plan N certificate

State of Michigan health coverage

Healthy Michigan Plan / Priority Health Choice HMI

Medicaid/Priority Health Choice MDC