Dental, Vision and Hearing

Dental, vision and hearing coverage are included on all plans. Our partnership with Delta Dental® provides you with access to the largest network of dentists in the country and your plan includes preventive exams and cleanings. Plus, all of our plans include routine vision from EyeMed® providers and hearing coverage from TruHearing® providers.

Dental services (by Delta Dental®)

$0 copay
Two exams, two cleanings, one set of bitewing X-rays & one brush biopsy each year
$0 copay
All other X-rays, including panoramic, once every two years
$0 copay
Fillings, once per tooth every 24 months; crown repairs, once per tooth every 12 months; and simple extractions, once per tooth per lifetime up to $1,500 per year

Routine vision (by EyeMed®)

$0 copay
One routine exam (includes dilation & refraction), one retinal imaging each year

Eyewear allowance

Eyewear allowance per calendar year for PriorityMedicare Key
Eyewear allowance per calendar year for PriorityMedicare Vital
Eyewear allowance per calendar year for PriorityMedicare + Kroger

$100 is included in this Medicare Advantage plan and $150 is included as part of this enhanced plan.

In-network routine vision services must be provided by and EyeMed "Select" provider. If using a non-EyeMed "Select" provider (out-of-network), you must seek reimbursement. In-network and out-of-network benefit cannot be combined.

Routine hearing (by TruHearing®)

$0 copay

Routine exam
$295-$1,495 copay
Per year, per ear for hearing aids from top manufacturers, for PriorityMedicare Key and PriorityMedicare + Kroger
$0 copay
For up to 2 TruHearing-branded "Advance" hearing aids, one per ear per year, for PriorityMedicare Vital

Each hearing aid purchase includes a 60-day trial period, a year of follow-up visits and 80 batteries per hearing aid.