Your pharmacy network

There are more than 68,000 pharmacies across the United States in our network, including national chains listed below. We have contracts with far more pharmacies than Medicare requires for our service area.

You must use network pharmacies to get your prescriptions filled. You can only use an out-of-network pharmacy under non-routine circumstances when you can't reasonably get to a network pharmacy.

It's easy to find a pharmacy

Many national pharmacy chains are in our network. You can go to any of our standard or preferred pharmacies or any of the locations listed in the Pharmacy Directory.

Get a complete directory of all network pharmacies

Priority Health Medicare network chain pharmacies

No matter where you travel, you'll find a location of one of these chain pharmacies.

  • 90-day supply: Not all pharmacies can give you a 90-day supply. Check the Pharmacy Directory to find which ones are available in your area.
  • Vaccine network: To make sure your vaccinations are paid for by your Priority Health Medicare plan, be sure to go to a pharmacy in the Vaccine Network. Look for the V symbol in the printed directory, or call Customer Service
  • Electronic prescribing: Some pharmacies can accept prescriptions from your doctor electronically, so you don't need to bring them a paper prescription form. Look for this symbol e in the printed directory.
Pharmacy name Toll-free
Vaccine network e-Prescribing
Costco Pharmacy 800.221.7262 711 Y v e
CVS Pharmacy 800.746.7287 711 Y v e
Family Fare Pharmacy 800.451.8500 711 Y v e
Glen's Pharmacy 800.451.8500 711 Y v e
Henry Ford Medical Center 800.436.7936 711 Y e
K-Mart Pharmacy 866.562.7848 711 Y v e
Kroger 866.221.4141 711 Y v e
Meijer Pharmacy 800.543.3704 711 Y v e
Rite Aid 800.748.3243 711 Y v e
Sam's Club Pharmacy 888.746.7726 711 Y e
Target 800.440.0680 711 Y v e
VG's Pharmacy 810.629.1383 711 Y v e
Walgreens 877.250.5823 877.924.7889 Y v e
Wal-Mart Pharmacy 800.925.6278 711 Y