New ways we’re helping you save.

All Priority Health D-SNPs now come with a PriorityFlex allowance to use on:

  • Thousands of over-the-counter (OTC) items.
  • Healthy food and produce.
  • Pest control services.
  • Select utilities including gas, water, electric and internet.3

You will get your PriorityFlex card by mail. It will come ready to use. You can shop for OTC items and healthy food and produce in-store, online (OTC items only), by phone, through the OTC-Anywhere app or by mail-order. Pest control services and utilities can be paid for the same as you would with any other VISA card. Be sure to use your allowance. It does not roll over.

To learn more, call the Priority Health OTC Service Center at 800.688.1838 (TTY 711) or go to

We’ve made preventive care easier.

Did you know you don’t need to wait a full 12 months in between Annual Wellness Visits? You can make an appointment anytime in the new calendar year. You can also save time by asking your doctor to combine your annual physical exam and Annual Wellness Visit during the same visit.

Remember, your annual physical exam is where your doctor will check your vitals, including weight, heart rate and blood pressure, and will update any needed shots. Your Annual Wellness Visit is where you and your doctor can make or update a personalized prevention plan based on your current health and risk factors. These visits will help keep you healthy in the next year.

And these are “free to talk” visits which means you won’t be billed more to talk about any questions or concerns.

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Did you know?

It’s important to get any lab work your doctor orders done on time. Unless fasting is required, you can often get your lab work the same day it is ordered. 


$0 prescription drugs

All Part D prescription drugs are $0 for Priority Health D-SNP members. You can buy prescriptions at retail pharmacies or through mail order for $03.

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