Need a ride?

SafeRide provides gives no-cost rides to and from doctor visits, pharmacies or other health-related places. Get up to 30 one-way trips per year, within 40 miles, with just a phone call.

Call 855.932.5418 to schedule a ride.

PriorityCare provided by Papa

PriorityCare gives you real care from real people in the form of a Papa Pal. Papa connects Priority Health D-SNP members to volunteers who provide care, including:

  • Prepping meals, doing laundry or organizing your living space.
  • Providing rides to and from the grocery store, doctor visits, the bank and more.
  • Having groceries delivered to your home.
  • Setting up your computer, phone, social media and other technologies.
  • Taking care of a pet and making appointments.
  • Providing friendship with board games, puzzles or movies.

Priority Health D-SNP members also receive unlimited caregiver support and unlimited social care navigation through Papa. Call Papa at 833.680.5959 (TTY 711) to schedule a visit.

Plan ahead for peace of mind.

Your values, preferences and beliefs should always guide choices about your medical treatment. But a sudden accident or illness could keep you from making those choices known. By planning ahead, you can guide future health care decisions, even if you are unable to speak for yourself. Make your choices known with an advance care plan to minimize confusion and give peace of mind to loved ones. As a Priority Health D-SNP member, you get advance care planning at no cost to you.*

Learn more.

*There is no cost if advance care planning is done during your Annual Wellness Visit.