Save money on health and wellness products.

All Priority Health Medicare Advantage plans now come with an over-the-counter (OTC) allowance to use toward thousands of OTC health and wellness products including aspirin, cold medicines, compression socks, bandages and more.

PriorityMedicare Key, Thrive, ONE and Vital members with certain chronic conditions5 may also use the allowance toward health food and produce. To find out if you’re eligible to use your allowance on healthy food and produce, fill out this brief survey.

We’ve made preventive care easier.

Did you know you no longer need to wait a full 12 months in between Annual Wellness Visits? You can schedule your appointment anytime in the new calendar year. You can also save yourself some time by asking your doctor to combine your annual physical exam and Annual Wellness Visit during the same appointment.

Remember, your annual physical exam is where your doctor will check your vitals, including weight, heart rate and blood pressure, and will update any needed vaccinations. Your Annual Wellness Visit is where you and your doctor can develop or update a personalized prevention plan based on your current health and risk factors. Together, these visits help maintain your health in the upcoming year.

And, keep in mind, these are “free to talk” visits which means you won’t be billed extra to talk about any questions or concerns.

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Did you know?

To best manage your health, it’s important to complete any lab work your doctor orders in a timely manner. Unless fasting is required, you can often complete lab work the same day it is ordered.

Spending too much on prescriptions?

We’ve made all tier 1 (preferred generic) medications available for $0 when you fill a 90-day prescription at a preferred pharmacy, or by mail-order with Express Scripts. Just ask your doctor for a new, 90-day prescription and have it filled at a preferred pharmacy or sign up for Express Scripts home delivery:

View a list of preferred pharmacies