Say what?

If you’ve ever felt like you could use a second set of ears at a doctor visit, you’re in luck. Your plan includes access to Abridge, a free app that captures conversations between you and your doctor and creates a transcript of your appointment so you can quickly review the details of diagnoses, medications, treatments and follow up directions. Additionally, Abridge works with trusted partners to define medical terms, helping you to better understand your care plan.

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Note: Providers must consent before a recording can begin.

Engage your brain.

Studies show that we can strengthen our brains–just like we can our bodies–with exercise. Mental exercise is the term for anything that engages your brain. When done on a regular basis, these activities help you think faster, focus better and remember more, improving overall cognitive health.

That’s why all Priority Health Medicare Advantage plans come with BrainHQ®, a leading digital resource designed to support attention, brain speed, memory, people skills, navigation and intelligence.

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Plan ahead for peace of mind.

Your personal values, preferences and beliefs should always guide decisions about your medical treatment. But a sudden accident or illness could keep you from making those wishes known. By planning ahead, you can guide future health care decisions, even if you are unable to speak for yourself. Thoughtfully considering and documenting your wishes in an advance care plan can minimize confusion and uncertainty and give peace of mind to loved ones.

As a Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan member, you’re eligible for advance care planning at no cost to you.*

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*There is no cost if advance care planning is done during your annual wellness visit.