TRUE or FALSE: The in-home health assessment quiz

By now, you might already be familiar with Priority Health’s in-home health assessment (IHHA)4, the “bonus” yearly doctor visit included in your Medicare plan. Priority Health partners with Signify Health, a mobile clinician network, to provide IHHA visits in addition to regular primary care visits. During the visit, a doctor or nurse practitioner will review your medical history, medications and answer questions you have about your health—right in the comfort of your own home.

How much do you know about Priority Health’s IHHA? Test your knowledge of IHHAs and schedule one of your own. Ready to take our true or false quiz? You may begin!

An IHHA has to take place in your home.

False. It’s called an “in-home” health assessment because it can take place in the comfort of your home, but the visit can also be completed virtually if you don’t feel comfortable meeting in person. It can even take place at a friend’s house or in another quiet setting appropriate for medical conversations—wherever you decide you feel the most comfortable.

An IHHA is a benefit of your Priority Health plan that’s available to you at no cost.

True! Because you’re a Priority Health Medicare member, your plan provides you a yearly IHHA at no cost to you, so you can discuss your health and any concerns you may have with a licensed professional, at home, for free.

Once you complete your IHHA you're eligible for a $50 gift card.

True! After your IHHA you can sign up or log in to your member account, access the Wellbeing Hub, and redeem your rewards, which can include a $50 gift card.

Only qualified Medicare members are eligible to receive an IHHA.

False. The IHHA is available to all Priority Health Medicare members, however participation is not required. All IHHAs are voluntary, though highly recommended.

Priority Health has a virtual health and wellbeing assessment for members who are uncomfortable meeting in person due to COVID-19.

True! You can have your assessment done via telephone or video chat. You’ll still meet with a licensed health care provider to review your medical history, medications and to ask questions. However, there are some things a provider can only do face-to-face during an in-home health assessment, such as checking your vital signs.

Due to the pandemic, many in-person health assessments are on pause. When face-to-face IHHAs begin again, you may qualify for a shorter face-to-face visit with a licensed health care provider. Get started.

4 Priority Health Medigap members are excluded from Priority Health's in-home health assessment (IHHA) benefit. Review your Certificate of Coverage for more details.

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