COVID-19: How your health plan can help

Now that vaccines are widely available across the country, you can get yours today. For Priority Health members, the COVID-19 vaccine is covered 100% when received through an in-network provider. This means you’ll have $0 out-of-pocket costs if you choose to receive the vaccine.

In addition to vaccines, we also saw a need to make virtual care more accessible. Priority Health individual MAPD plans include virtual care at no cost* from your in-network PCP, specialist and behavioral health providers. Virtual care is available to members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With cold and flu season quickly approaching, consider virtual visits for common cold and flu symptoms, as well as allergies, coughs, back pain and more. And be sure to schedule your 2021 flu shot as soon as possible.

With that season in mind, don’t forget to continue practicing safety measures that will protect you from other winter illnesses, such as handwashing and disinfecting, wearing a mask when appropriate and maintaining social distance when needed. Together, we can continue to stay safe and healthy into 2022. 
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*Excluding the Vital plan, which has 20% coinsurance for virtual visits in 2021.