Preventing fraud and identity theft

We are committed to ensuring our Priority Health Medicare members have information to protect themselves against possible fraud. Here are some tips.

Pay attention to possible fraudulent schemes

  • People going door-to-door to sell you health care items or services. Only your doctor knows what you need.
  • People calling you to ask for your Medicare or health plan numbers. Priority Health does not need to call you to get this information.
  • People offering you money or other incentives for health care services you don't need.

Don't give out personal information

Only give personal information, like your Medicare number or your Priority Health number, to doctors or other health care providers approved by Priority Health or Medicare; any insurer who pays benefits on your behalf; and to trusted people in the community who work with Medicare like the Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program or Social Security.

Don't give out credit card or banking information over the phone

Priority Health cannot ask you for any credit card or banking information over the phone or via email unless you are already a member of our plan.

Pay attention to your health care bills

  • Make sure you received the services or items you have been billed for.
  • Check the number of services billed.
  • Check the provider bills against your Priority Health Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to see if they match
  • Ask your provider for an itemized statement if you have any questions about your provider bill.
Priority Health cannot enroll you over the phone unless you've called us to ask us to enroll.