Protect yourself from phone scams

People who try to get money from you through phone calls - phone scammers - use many different schemes to persuade you to help them. Some of these calls specifically target Medicare plan members. Please be cautious when receiving these calls!

Common types of phone scams

"We want to talk about recent changes to Medicare." The caller will try to schedule a visit to your home or have you come into their office. The call is not to talk about Medicare. They want to sell you life insurance, disability insurance, investment services and more.

Priority Health will never contact you by phone to schedule a visit to discuss changes to our Medicare plans.

"You've won a free trip!" "You've won a gift card!"
  • If you call Priority Health and receive a message you have won a trip or gift card, your call may have been "hijacked" - re-directed to someone who wants to trick you. Hang up immediately and call the number again. Your second call should go through correctly. Please report this to Priority Health.
  • If you get a call offering you a free trip, gift card or other prize, don't give out your bank account or credit card number to pay for "shipping" or other fees. These calls are a scam just to get your financial information so the caller can clean out your account.
"You qualify for free medical equipment." Be aware of anyone who offers you "free" medical equipment or tries to sell you services beyond what your doctor ordered for you. Some of these companies will ask you for your physician's name and your Priority Health card ID number to bill us for services you don't need.

"Get this valuable item free if you enroll!" Many companies call homes to sell their products by offering a free gift or item. You will get the free item but you'll probably start getting a monthly service charge for the company's services. These may be valid companies, but just make sure you want to enroll before accepting the "free" gift. It probably comes with additional fees.

If in doubt, call Priority Health.

If you receive call stating the caller is from Priority Health or representing Priority Health, ask the caller for:
  • A call-back number
  • Their name
  • The name of company they are with
Then call Priority Health's customer service number. We can verify whether the call is legitimate.

Don't give out personal information

Only give personal information like your credit card number, Priority Health ID number, Medicare number or Medicaid number to a doctor or other health care providers you receive services from. Treat all these numbers with the same caution you use with your Social Security number, and never give them out over the phone to anyone who calls you.