Optional Enhanced Vision, Dental & Hearing package

When you join a Priority Health Medicare plan, we want to help you be your healthiest, which is why we're offering you the option of our Enhanced Vision, Dental and Hearing package.

Your Medicare Advantage plan already comes with preventive dental services, including on exam and one cleaning per calendar year. This optional enhanced package gives you coverage for vision exams and eyeglasses, basic and major dental services like crowns and fillings, plus hearing benefits. There's no deductible, and no waiting period.

The monthly premium for the Enhanced Vision, Dental and Hearing package is $32.

Enhanced vision, dental, hearing coverage summary


In-network vision benefits


$0 copay
One routine exam every calendar year


Eyewear allowance per calendar year

Retinal imaging

$0 copay
One every calendar year

In-network dental benefits

Exam & cleaning

$0 copay
One exam and one cleaning per calendar year are already included in your Medicare Advantage plan. This means you will have a total of 2 fully covered dental visits per calendar year.

Bitewing X-rays

100% of cost covered
One set of bitewing X-rays, per calendar year

50% of the bitewing X-ray cost is already included in your Medicare Advantage plan and the other 50% is included as part of this optional enhanced package.

Basic dental services

Cost for fillings, simple extractions (non-surgical pulling of teeth) and relines & repairs to bridges and dentures.

Major dental services

Crowns and root canals
Your plan will pay up to $1,000 every calendar year for basic and major dental services.

In-network hearing benefits


One exam every two years (based on a calendar year)

Hearing aids

$500 per ear
Every 5 years (60 months)

Your plan covers up to $1,000 for both ears every 5 years (based on a calendar year).

Hearing aid fitting & evaluation

$0 copay per ear
Every 5 years