Companion care with Papa

This plan includes eight hours of companion care each month through Papa, a leading companion service that provides in-home care and assistance on-demand.

How it works

Call Papa directly to schedule a visit at 833.680.5959 (TTY 711) or download the free Papa mobile app. You may also be contacted by Papa to participate. Papa Pals are available for virtual phone visits or in-person visits.

Your Papa Pal can help you:

  • Get to and from the doctor's, the store, the bank and more
  • Prep meals, do laundry and organize your living space
  • Set up your computer, phone, social media and other technologies
  • Get groceries delivered to your door
  • Take care of your pet
  • Pass time with board games, puzzles, movies and other much-needed recreations

Need assistance scheduling or getting to your doctor appointments such as your annual physical, mammogram or colonoscopy? Your Papa Pal can help!

Visit the Papa website to learn more.

Companion care is only available to members with PriorityMedicare D-SNP, PriorityMedicare Edge and PriorityMedicare Ideal plans.