Embedded Dental, Vision, and Hearing

At Priority Health, our dental, vision, and hearing services come standard on all plans. Our partnership with Delta Dental provides you with a large network of dentists and your plan includes preventive exams and cleanings, which is something to smile about. Plus, all of our plans include routine vision from EyeMed providers and hearing coverage from TruHearing providers. When thinking about your Medicare options, make the smart choice with a Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan. 

Preventive (routine) dental services

$0 copay
2 oral exams and 2 cleanings (regular or periodontal maintenance) per year
$0 copay
1 set of bitewing x-rays and 1 brush biopsy per year, all other x-rays 1 every 2 years

Preventive (routine) dental services provided by Delta Dental. See the Delta Dental Certificate of Coverage for details.

Routine vision services

$0 copay
1 routine exam (including refraction) & 1 retinal imaging per year
$100 eyewear allowance

Per year

Routine vision services must be provided by an EyeMed “Select” provider. See the EyeMed Certificate of Coverage for details.

Routine hearing services

$0 copay

Routine hearing exam, per year

You can choose from four levels of hearing aids: $295, $695, $1,095, or $1,495 copay, per ear per year.

Hearing aid cost includes 3 fitting and follow-up evaluations within the first year and 48 batteries per hearing aid.

Routine hearing services must be received from a TruHearing provider. See the TruHearing Certificate of Coverage for details.