Check if you qualify

As a member on the PriorityMedicare Vital, PriorityMedicare ONE, PriorityMedicare + Kroger* or PriorityMedicare D-SNP + Kroger* plans, your OTC Plus card is loaded with a monthly allowance. This allowance can be used towards over-the-counter items, and if you qualify you can also use this allowance towards healthy food and produce in-stores near you. If you have not received your OTC Plus card yet, one will be mailed out soon with a confirmation of the amount that has been loaded onto your card.

Complete the questionnaire below to see if you’re eligible to use your OTC Plus card on healthy food and produce.

*In-store purchases at Kroger stores only.

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If you are enrolled in PriorityMedicare Key, Vital, One, or Thrive Plan and need assistance completing the healthy food survey please call 1.888.389.6648.