Individual market agent FAQs

Information about what’s happening with Total Health Care individual products

This decision came after fully evaluating THC over the past year—how best to maintain long-term sustainability while delivering viable solutions in the market and making sure we’re continuing to keep care affordable and accessible.

There will be a formal member communication sent to THC Individual members in the fall, prior to OEP, to announce the transition of THC plans to Priority Health plans.


Quoting, enrollment and administration

Yes, we are currently working to finalize the THC to MyPriority product crosswalk. Our goal is to share the completed cross walk with you by early June.

Prior to OEP, the THC members will receive a renewal notice explaining the THC product discontinuation and providing information about the new MyPriority plan they have been cross walked into, with a 01/01/22 effective date.

During this emergency COVID-19 SEP, Priority Health is allowing accumulators to transfer for current THC members. If you have THC clients who would like to move to a MyPriority plan now during this SEP, their accumulators will be applied against their new MyPriority plan.

Agent appointment and commissions

No. THC agents that are not appointed with Priority Health will need to get appointed. The appointment process is quick and simple; learn more or start the process of getting appointed. 

Commissions for new THC contracts will be paid per the current 2021 MyPriority commission schedule. The agent commission is determined based on the member's effective date. If an agent moves a THC member to a Priority Health plan with a 2021 effective date, they will be paid the first-year commission* of 5% (new contracts, first year).

Example scenario:

  • Agent moves a THC member to a Priority Health plan with a 08/01/21 effective date.
  • The agent receives the first-year commission rate of 5% through 7/31/22 (even if the member makes a plan change in January 2022).
  • The commission rate will then change on 08/01/22 to a 4% renewal commission.

*First-year commission is based on 12-months from the plan effective date.

Contact information

Contact your Priority Health Individual sales representative with additional questions.

How will commercial group agents be affected?

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