New primary care physician options

Primary care physician (PCP)

Your current PCP is not an in-network provider for your newly assigned Priority Health plan. If you continue to seek care from this PCP after 1/1/22, this will result in you being charged for out-of-network care, which can be very expensive.

You have been auto-assigned a new primary care physician that is in-network for your new Priority Health plan. You can find the name of your newly assigned PCP in your Priority Health member account.

Create a member account

If you haven't set up a Priority Health member account yet, it is easy to do. You will need the contract number listed on the back of your new Priority Health member ID card. 

Create account

You have options re: your new primary care physician

Keep your newly assigned PCP

If you choose to keep your assigned PCP, you’re all set and there’s nothing else you need to do. Simply log in to your Priority Health member account to access that information.

Select a new PCP

You can also select a new, in-network PCP. There are two convenient ways to do this:

  1. Log into your Priority Health member account; you will then be able to select a new PCP.
  2. Contact Priority Health Customer Service at 800.528.8762
  3. You can download and complete the PCP change request form and return it by fax or email.

PCP change request form

Note: Your newly selected PCP will be able to provide care and services, covered under your new Priority Health plan, effective 1/1/22.

Select a different plan

If you or a family member on your plan want to keep your current PCP, you will need to enroll in a different plan where the PCP is an in-network provider. Need help determining the right plan for you?

  • Contact your agent.
  • Contact an enrollment specialist at 833.351.0946

We're here to help.

Change doesn't have to be confusing; we are here to help you every step of the way. If you have questions, please contact your agent, or a Priority Health enrollment specialist at 833.351.0946, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday, 8 a.m. - 12 noon.