Innovative solutions to help lower the cost of care

When it comes to your business, you pay close attention to things like ROI and where and how money is being spent. As a health plan provider, so do we. That’s why we’re rolling out three new features to help you and your employees save on costs, get and stay healthy and keep business moving forward.

100% coverage for virtual care

Starting in 2018, we’re offering 100% coverage ($0 copay) to Priority Health members* for in-network virtual care. An affordable alternative for non-emergent situations, Virtual care saves you and your employees time and money by offering high-quality access to doctors and practitioners—from virtually anywhere. Our preferred solution for virtual care, MedNowSM, gives members access to a virtual visit 24/7 - including nights, weekends, holidays and vacays.

MedNow At Work gives you after-hours triage access to health care providers to assess the urgency of an employee’s wound or illness, receive treatment plans and give your workforce the help they need—without having to leave the building.

MedNow makes virtual visits even easier for members, giving them more ways to connect with a board-certified virtual care doctor. Members can schedule and hold a video visit from their tablet or smartphone using the MedNow app or through their MyHealth account.

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* Includes 100% coverage ($0 copay) for fully funded plans, and opt-in for self-funded plans, at renewal. HSA plan members must meet their deductible before 100% coverage begins, but will never pay more than $45 per visit before deductible.

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All-inclusive (free) health and wellbeing experience

Since “healthy” goes beyond doctor visits, we’re introducing our all-new customizable Wellbeing Hub. The hub helps members monitor and improve their current health status with useful information, tools, programs and activities to stay healthy—and stay at work. It’s great for information on weight loss, quitting tobacco, stress management, chronic condition management, and more. This new tool is available fall 2017 and at no cost to members.*

*Available at no cost to all commercial and Medicare members as part of their health plan starting in fall 2017 and rolling out throughout 2018.

As members complete actions, ongoing "smart" learning further tailors the member's experience to achieve better response and engagement. Members who engage in their care are often healthier and more productive—helping them and your business thrive.

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Rx meds added to Cost Estimator

With the launch of Cost Estimator in January 2015 members can see their estimated costs based on their plan benefits and where they’re at with their deductible in order to make more informed choices. And starting fall 2017, we’re taking it one step further to engage members in their health and truly combat the trend of rising costs. A single search field gives members the option to seamlessly switch from searching for procedures and services to searching for medication information. Members can:

  • Search for the drug and dosage* prescribed by their doctor
  • See lower cost, generic equivalents to brand name or non-preferred medications 
  • Price drugs by retail pharmacy and mail order, if applicable, using their specific benefits to determine their actual out-of-pocket cost

*For drug dosages based on weight/condition a default will be provided.

Since launching, $6.3 million dollars in costs have been avoided because members have selected fair market-priced facilities for their procedures. And, members save an average of $1,000 when they shop using the Cost Estimator. We added nearly 80 of the most commonly searched procedures and services to the Cost Estimator tool, procedures such as preventive check-ups and office visits, physical therapy, behavioral health and sterilization.

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Get the care and costs you expect

No matter what Priority Health plan you have, we’re committed to offering innovative solutions to ensure the kind of quality coverage you expect, engage employees in their health, and ultimately lower the cost of care for you and your employees. Want more ideas on how to engage employees and lower costs? Contact your Priority Health sales executive or your agent.

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