What is a telehealth plan? How do I receive care with one? See some of the most commonly asked telehealth questions and our answers below.

Can I see my existing PCP?

No. Doctor on Demand will assign you a virtual PCP.

I have a telehealth plan. What does that mean?

Just like all of our MyPriority HMO plans, you'll have a primary care provider (PCP) who will help you navigate your health care needs. Because you're enrolled in a telehealth plan, your virtual PCP will be assigned to you through our partner, Doctor on Demand. That means, your PCP visits will always start and take place virtually—and—conveniently from your computer or your phone.

How do I access my telehealth PCP?

In order to access care through your Doctor on Demand PCP, you'll need to set up a Doctor on Demand account through their website or the Doctor on Demand app.

1. Create your account using your preferred email.

2. Answer a few questions to set up your profile.

3. Add Priority Health as your insurance, and you'll be able to access your Doctor on Demand PCP and set up appointments when your plan coverage becomes effective.

How does Doctor on Demand assign my PCP and can I change it if I want to?

When you log in to your Doctor on Demand account after your effective date you'll be paired with a Doctor on Demand PCP based on the questions you answered when you first set up your account. If you'd like to change your PCP, you can browse and select a different one in the app at any time.

Can I go to my current PCP's office for treatment?

No. The Telehealth PCP plans are virtual-first plans; all care must first begin virtually with your assigned Doctor on Demand PCP in a virtual appointment. Referrals from your assigned PCP are required to seek care in a traditional office setting.

Do I need a referral to seek in-person care?

Yes. Your Doctor on Demand PCP will need to refer you for in-person care within the MyPriority HMO network.

Will I be able to see a specialist of my choice?

No. If your Doctor on Demand provider determines that in-person health care services are needed, they will make a referral to a high-quality and low-cost provider option within Priority Health’s broad HMO network and will help schedule the appointment.

How do I get my prescriptions filled?

You'll work directly with your Doctor on Demand PCP when it comes to prescription drug needs. They'll make sure your prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy near you and you’re paying the best price for your prescriptions.

What is preventive care and how does it work with my telehealth plan?

Preventive care is included in your plan and provides no-cost care for routine services such as annual physicals, flu shots and more. Your Doctor on Demand PCP can provide preventive services. If your preventive care consists of receiving in-person care, such as receiving a flu shot, your virtual Doctor on Demand PCP will help you set up that appointment.

Do I have access to any behavioral health service or wellness programs?

As part of primary care with Doctor on Demand, you have virtual access to psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists. They can even help with medication management if that's part of your treatment plan. To make an appointment with a behavioral health specialist, simply log in to the Doctor on Demand app and schedule a time that works for you.

You also have access to both Wellbeing Hub, a personalized online wellbeing platform, and myStrength, a mental health support resource, available to you through your Priority Health plan.

Still have questions?

Call our Customer Service team or send us a message in your Priority Health member account.