MPSERS Medicare plan

Every year more Michigan Public School Employee Retirement System (MPSERS) members choose Priority Health...

...and here's why

  • United States of America

    You're covered everywhere – urgent and emergency care is included in every plan so you’re covered across the United States and worldwide.

  • Customer service

    Dedicated customer service.

  • prescription icon

    Optional mail order – no minimum copay.

  • Doctor observing patient

    No referrals necessary to see a specialist.

  • Stethoscope

    Better preventive care coverage – including a comprehensive physical exam, the flu vaccine, shingles vaccine, mammograms, colonoscopies and more.

Get details about your Medicare plan benefits

Find out everything you need to know about Priority Health MPSERS Medicare plans:



Learn how Priority Health Medicare works

The Priority Health plan is a Medicare Advantage plan. This means Priority Health becomes your Part A (hospitalization), Part B (outpatient care) and Part D (prescription drug) coverage. You'll still need to pay your Part B premiums through Social Security and keep that red, white and blue card in a safe place. You'll only need to use your Priority Health card when you have medical services or fill a prescription. If you have questions or concerns about your coverage, you'll call Priority Health, not Medicare.

Eligibility & enrollment

You become eligible for Medicare when you turn 65 or become permanently disabled.

Here's what to expect in the months leading up to when you turn 65:

  • A few months before your birthday, you need to contact Social Security to elect Parts A and B coverage.
  • You'll receive your red, white & blue card with your Medicare claim number. Keep this card in a safe place.
  • We'll call or send you a letter in the mail asking for your Medicare information for enrollment in our plan. Watch for this letter! If we don't receive this information from you before the first of the month in which you turn 65, we won't be able to enroll you in the Medicare plan and you may lose your coverage. 
  • If you have not been contacted to enroll in the Medicare plan, call us at 888.389.6648, option 3.

Here's what to expect if you become disabled:

  • If you become eligible for Medicare before age 65 due to disability, contact Priority Health as soon as possible to provide us with your Medicare information.

Dependent eligibility

If you're eligible for Medicare, but your spouse or children are not, don't worry. We can still cover everyone on your plan. We'll enroll you in a Priority Health Medicare Advantage plan. We'll enroll your spouse or child in the non-Medicare coverage (an HMO plan).