Understanding member experience surveys

Thank you for being a Priority Health member. Your experience is important to us.

You may receive the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey or the Qualified Health Plan Enrollee Experience Survey (QHP EES). The results of these member experience surveys are used to enhance the overall experience you have with your health plan and to make improvements to benefits and coverage.

If you receive a survey, we ask that you take the time to answer all the questions. The survey is anonymous, meaning no one will be able to identify you from the answers you provide, and can be completed by mail, web or phone.

What do the surveys ask?

The surveys ask about your experiences with both your health care providers and health plans in areas such as:  

  • Getting needed care. 
  • Getting care quickly. 
  • Health plan customer service. 
  • Getting needed prescription drugs. 
  • Care coordination. 

Who receives a survey and how are results used?

The surveys are mailed between February and June to a random sample of members. They will be sent by Press Ganey, a trusted vendor of Priority Health.  If you have a Medicare or Medicaid plan from Priority Health, or a Priority Health plan through your employer, you may receive the CAHPS survey. If you have a Priority Health plan through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace/Exchange, you may receive the QHP EES. 

Why should I complete the survey? 

Your participation is voluntary, but your feedback is valuable. Your response helps us identify strengths and opportunities to improve your overall healthcare experience.

Not every member will receive a survey, so every response matters. Please consider giving your feedback on the upcoming survey.