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If you can't find your doctor, maybe your doctor:

  • Doesn't accept the plan you chose
  • Isn't in our system yet
  • Has an oddly spelled name - just enter MIL if it could be Millhouse or Milhaus
  • Is in a different city - did you search Novi but the office address is Farmington Hills?
  • Has a different specialty - did you look under internal medicine when your doctor is under family practice?


Find out what all of the terms we use mean, including professional degrees like M.D., D.O., LLP, etc.

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Frequently asked questions

Q: The directory won't let me search. What's wrong?

A: If you're logged in but your health plan with us has expired, or you have a plan with no medical benefits, such as prescriptions-only coverage, there is no network of health care providers assigned to you, so the directory has nothing to show you. To search the networks of our medical plans, log out. Then for the "Choose a plan" option, choose "I don't know."

Q: Why do I have to choose a plan?

A: Physicians and other health care providers may accept one Priority Health plan but not others - they may accept our HMO plan, for example, but not our PPO or Medicare plans. If you're a member of a Priority Health plan, log in to your MyHealth account. Then you'll see only health care providers who DO accept your Priority Health plan. Otherwise, you need to select it manually.

Q: I have a POS plan, but is it POS A or POS B?

A: Sorry for the confusion! If your employer pays for your health care costs and Priority Health just administers your plan, you have a self-funded plan and the POS B network. Your ID card should show SF, or self-funded, on it. If not, you have the POS A plan, fully funded by Priority Health. You can also call our Customer Service line at 800 446-5674 and we'll look it up for you.

Q: I can't find the doctor I'm looking for but I know she accepts Priority Health plans. What's wrong?

A: If you are sure how she spells her name, try searching by name. Otherwise, if you search for a dermatologist and don't enter any other options like name or location, you may get a large number of results. The tool only displays 20 results at a time, so be sure to click to each page of results. Or, click the Create directory/print button and you'll see the entire list at once.

Q: Can I get a printed list of all the doctors, hospitals and pharmacies in Priority Health's network?

A: A list of just our Michigan health care providers would be a 2-inch-thick "phone book" that would be out-of-date immediately, since doctors enter and leave our networks all the time. You can print any list of your custom search results for yourself, so why not search just for the kind of health care provider you need today? Then click the Create directory/print link above the map in your search results.

Q: I have PriorityDentalSM coverage. Why don't you list the dentists in your network?

A: We accept claims from any dentist that our members go to. We pay them according to the terms of your dental plan. All you have to do is ask your dentist to bill Priority Health.

Q: How do I find doctors and hospitals outside Michigan?

A: It's always smart for members to log in to your MyHealth account before using Find a Doctor, because then you'll see only doctors and hospitals who accept your Priority Health plan. If you don't have online access to your member account, set it up now! Otherwise, to find a doctor or hospital anywhere in the U.S. for routine care, choose the health plan if you know it (HMO, POS, MyPriority, etc.) and then type in the city or ZIP code where you want to find a doctor or hospital. Next you'll be able to search by category or by name.

Q: A lot of these terms are confusing to me. Can you put them in simpler terms?

A: Physicians are listed by their official specialties, which we can't control. But we've tried to help! Type a keyword like "heart" or "diabetes" or "ENT" in the Specialty selector box and the tool will give you the kinds of doctors who match those words - cardiologists, endocrinologists, and otolaryngologists. For definitions of other terms such as Board certification and Hospital affiliation, check the Glossary.

Q: I can start a search, but then it seems to freeze or crash.

A: You may be using an older web browser. Learn how to update your browser: