Individual in-network deductible

When you have a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan, the cost of health care services covered by your plan will vary depending upon where you go. In-network provider charges will be lower than out-of-network provider charges. See your insurance policy for details.

Your Individual In-Network Deductible is the amount each individual on your policy must pay for services covered by your policy that he or she gets from in-network providers. Once their in-network costs add up to this deductible, your plan begins to pay.

  • Only certain in-network services covered by your policy apply to the in-network deductible.
  • This deductible must be met each plan year.
  • You'll pay $0 for preventive care services such as physicals and vaccinations whether you have met your deductible or not, unless your plan is "grandfathered." See the preventive health care guidelines for which services are preventive.
  • The individual deductible does not apply if you are enrolled in a PriorityHSASM plan with a health savings account and you have more than one person on your policy.