Family deductible

A family deductible is the amount your family will pay for covered medical expenses before plan benefits start. See your coverage documents for details.

  • Once you met this family deductible, individual deductibles no longer apply (see example below).
  • Only certain services covered by your policy apply to the deductible.
  • This deductible must be met each plan year.
  • Most Priority Health plans pay 100% for preventive care services such as physicals whether you have met your deductible or not.

Example: You have a $1,500 individual and $3,000 family deductible.

  • You pay $1,200 for covered medical services for yourself.
  • You pay $900 each for two other family members.

You've paid $3,000 total, so you have met your family deductible. Your plan begins paying plan benefits even though none of you have met your individual deductible.