Generics policy

Priority Health requires that, when available, AB-rated generic equivalents must be used instead of non-preferred brand-name drugs. The only exception is Coumadin®.

What is an AB-rated generic drug?

To earn an AB rating from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a generic drug must be identical to the non-preferred brand name version in:

  • Active ingredients
  • Dosage (the amount you take each time)
  • The amount of active ingredients delivered to the bloodstream within the same time period

AB-rated generics usually have different shapes and/or colors than their corresponding non-preferred brand-name drugs, and of course they're usually much lower in cost.

How do I know if a generic drug is AB-rated?

Pharmacies carry primarily AB-rated generic equivalents. Your pharmacist will be able to tell you if a generic drug is AB-rated.