Find doctors and hospitals with your FEHB plan

First, choose a PCP

You must pick a primary care doctor or other primary care provider (PCP) when you join this plan. Your PCP coordinates all your care.

Each member of your family can have a different PCP - a pediatrician for your children, for example.

Stay in-network

Your plan is an HMO, which means you must get care from providers who are contracted with your Priority Health plan.

You have two networks when you're a member of the FEHB HMO plan from Priority Health.

The Priority Health HMO network

The Priority Health HMO network has doctors, hospitals, labs and pharmacies all over Michigan's lower peninsula.

Looking for a doctor? You can narrow down your list not just by location but also by gender, language spoken, type of degree (D.O. vs M.D.) and lots more.

Search the Priority Health Find a Doctor directory now.

The Sparrow Physicians Health Network

All the doctors and hospitals in the mid-Michigan Sparrow network are in-network for you, as well.

Search the Sparrow network now.

See specialists without asking us first

Remember that Priority Health doesn't need to give you permission to see a specialist. It's true, though, that some specialists will want a referral from your PCP before they book an appointment with you.

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