Why you and your employees will love Wellbeing Hub

Our Wellbeing Hub offers a personalized wellbeing experience to your employees and their adult dependents. It’s a digital tool designed to help employees improve specific health concerns, including:

  • A walking challenge to motivate them to walk that extra mile
  • Understanding sleeping habits and how to sleep better
  • Ways to reduce stress, so they can enjoy life
  • Tips that make them smarter about their health
  • Weight loss
  • Quitting tobacco
  • Chronic condition management

Wellbeing Hub introduces a first-of-its-kind experience to our members, with the help of the platform’s robust collection of health data, programs, activities and more. It offers employees the latest and greatest in prevention, nutrition, physical activity, stress, condition management and other health-related topics.

Lost productivity due to health conditions costs businesses billions each year. That’s why Wellbeing Hub focuses on employee wellbeing and your bottom line. It customizes content based on each employees’ survey responses and health assessments. The best part? It’s free to everyone and available to employees in their member account.

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From personal care management for the few who need it, to wellbeing for all, find out what today’s workforce wants in health benefits.