We help you keep a close eye on employee health.

We aim to bring value and transparency to your business with a reporting tool and team of analysts that offer the data you want—how, when and where you want it. By putting streamlined data in one place, you can spot patterns and trends, identify problems and create cost-effective solutions. Use it to produce the best result for your bottom line and, more importantly, your employees.

Imagine finding red flags in your workforce health as they happen so you can proactively resolve problems and save on costs. Now you can set alerts to flag any conditions or claims that might affect the health of your employees—and bottom line.

In addition to the reporting tool, we’ve invested in a team of analysts who are ready to invest in you; implementing consultative, collaborative services to support your population and business. They’ll work with you to spot trends, issues or conditions and discuss the best ways to address them. 

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The future of health insurance data is bright

Learn how employers use predictive analytics to help spot potential problems and keep employees engaged in their health.